Vastu Shastra and Pets

There are lot of views on Pets and vastu shastra or feng shui. While many believe nurturing animal is a good thing, many have a completely different view. Many time people just associate things/events with their Pets. In many places a death of any pet is associated to an incoming danger to the family (which killed the pets and hence saved the family). in most cases something bad happens in the family, they just blame the poor pet. In past the most common pets are dogs, cats, lizards, parrots, peacock, pigeons, eagles, horse, elephants, deer, buffaloes, cows, sheep, camel, fish, snakes and many exotic creature.  Now a days lot of animals are banned by the local authorities and cant not be kept as pets.

Vastu shastra is very prominent in Asia and not in western part of the world. To many, it does not make any sense, that vastu shastra works in Asia but is not in Europe or America.

Lot of  people believe, pets has nothing do with their fate or vastu. Nurturing any animal is extremely good for the family as a whole. In India and its near by countries keeping cow is considered auspicious, lot of people feed the dogs on the street and many just take care of animal because they like it.

Many do not encourage keeping pets especially when small baby, sick or old aged around because most pets carries virus and can affect their family members. Others avoid pets with a fear that they will develop attachment and my end up with abandonment due to disease or old age.

Many suggests cat may be of better choice (than a dog) as it has lesser attachment with human being and has greater ability to survive in case of abandonment.

While taking care of pet is a good thing, it is important to understand their specific need otherwise you may end up with an unhappy pet. So what ever pet you like, make sure you do a good research before you bring them home. Some vastu shastra experts suggests to keep these pets in NorthWest, North, East, and South-SouthEast directions. you can also read the article on Best fish aquarium location at home.

Please note, keeping pets may not be cheap (depending on where you live and what pet you want to keep), in some countries, you need licence to keep exotic animals and you may need special arrangement if you want to keep them. Vastu shastra does not approve any thing which contradicts with the laws of nature. So what ever you keep make sure you provide their freedom and natural habitats.

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